Nupur Sharma Prophet Row: What happened on Times Now & why it will continue | TV Newsance 174

Indian TV news reached new heights of fame (read: shame) this week by making it to the international stage. We bring to you a complete lowdown on the whole #NupurSharma debacle and what that “fateful” day of Nupur’s channel-hopping looked like.

On May 26, Nupur went to News24, Republic TV and Times Now to make similar comments about the Prophet and Islam. One of those clips went viral, and she was suspended from the BJP.

Meanwhile, the hate on many mainstream Indian TV news continued.

We look at how Nupur’s case is not an isolated incident of Islam-baiting or the case of one bad apple. One only has to look at news debates after her fiasco to know that bigoted panelists and hateful comments against Muslims on TV news are not anomalies but the norm. The very format of news debates demands it.

We take an in-depth look into the profile of another such TV panelist, Sadhvi Annapurna, who came on Aaj Tak to spew more venom this week. If you thought Nupur was hateful, you might want to watch how loving Annapurna is!
00:00 to 1:10: Problem of Hindu-Muslim debate
1:11 to 2:01: Gyanvapi pe dishum-dhishum
2:02 to 4:07: Nupur's Prophet comment on News 24
4:08 to 4:35: News = abba-dabba-jabba
4:36 to 5:58: Nupur's Prophet comment on R Bharat
5:59 to 7:39: Times Now washes its hands off
7:40 to 8:39: Hindu-Muslim cockfight on news
8:40 to 11:51: TRP for hate
11:52 to 12:35: Aaj Tak calls a 'Sadhvi' Annapurna
12:36 to 15:59: Who is 'Sadhvi' Annapurna?
16:00 to 18:09: Hate news will continue?


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