SOME1 - Mindless Entertainment

SOME1 - Mindless Entertainment, released on 13.01.2020. by IONO Music - INM1DIGI476
Next up on Iono-Music we bring you this two-tracker release from Some1 called 'Mindless Entertainment'. The title track starts with an outlandish intro which nicely sets the tone for what's to come – tough lines, metallic noises, harsh stabs, robotic bleeps and abstract sounds are freshly contrasted with impish cheeky lines, epic pads and blissful vocals – making this a fresh feisty eccentric energising track! The second track 'Deeper Insight' is a moodier ethereal minimalistic tune, with a militant beat, deep bass, innovative line and an angelic ambient vocal. The simplicity of this track speaks to your spirit and caresses the soul!

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Iono Music never stops to evolve, always being one step ahead with technology and new initiatives it had grown to be an exciting international label. Always on the move, Iono Music promises to give you the top notch music this atmosphere can offer. The label has built over the years a strong reputation as a quality brand with many artist like: Protonica, Egorythmia, Yestermorrow, One Function, Mindwave, Static Movement, Ilai, Atomizers, Mindbenderz and many others.

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